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When is mediation a good option?

Mediation is worth considering in many situations, particularly when people have to retrieve and maintain their working relationship: such as colleagues who work together or a landlord who needs their tenant’s co-operation

Mediation can also be used at the end of a relationship, for example to agree how much deposit is returned to a departing tenant, or to finalise a settlement between an organisation and their employee.

Examples of workplace disputes:  

  • between two or more members of staff, or
  • between a manager and their direct report(s)
  • between an employee and their organisation


Examples of landlord / tenant disputes:

  • a tenant refusing access to the property
  • a landlord and tenant in disagreement about rent or repairs
  • a tenant causing noise or disruption in a property
  • an issue between two or more tenants which is causing distress amongst other tenants

Mediation is a completely confidential process.  Mediators do not judge “rights” and “wrongs” but instead help the parties themselves think through why things have gone wrong and how they can change the situation in a way that works for both of them.

Mediation can be a speedy and non-confrontational way to resolve a difficult situation and is usually much cheaper than legal action.  If mediation doesn’t work, legal action remains an option.


Contact us to discuss whether mediation could help you. 

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