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Personal Injury

Road accident can be very distressful once you have been involved in one or facing a car accident. In some cases, such accidents are very nerve-wracking and end up into stress and worry for you and your family at a certain level. To help you with such hassles and getting the right road traffic accident compensation you deserve for such a loss. We at Simon Noble Solicitors are right here to help you.

If somebody else’s fault caused you certain injury in terms of the car accident in the last three years. Then it’s likely we allow you to start a car accident claim. Compensation can help you recover all the damages caused at a certain level where you were before the injury. Whether it has caused a minor or a major injury. We will help you recover the cost of the injury. Providing you with full treatment that will help you recover. We will also help you to attain all the possible funds you need to get back on track either with your home or car or physical injury.

We have a team of best road traffic accident solicitors who have been working over cases like these for more than 10 years. We will provide you with solid ground and guide you with all possible steps to help you make your road traffic accident claim or the damaged that has been caused by someone else’s fault.

We will provide you with full guidance and support and advice the best possible solution that would help you to start a claim and road traffic compensation. We don’t do things forcefully rather in a proper and legal way as it is to be done. Moreover until and unless you are ready for it.

That’s your choice we respect your choice and sentiments at every step and in all situations.

What to do after Road Traffic Accident:

The following step can be taken immediately if you have come across a road accident:

Try not to admit any liability for the accident:
Even in case you think or believe that it was your fault do not admit this to the opposite party. If you think that the accident could have been prevented only if the opposite party had acted slightly in a different \ distinctive manner.

Gather the contact details of the opposite party:
Collect all the details of the opposite party along with name contact number their insurance and their car registration number.
Gather evidence and ask for the advice of the police:
All you have to do is collect all evidence of the scenario by using your mobile phone to take pick of the damage caused either to yourself or the car. This will make your case more strong to claim the more to provide with valid information.

Look for witness and gather their contact details;
Ask the witness to help you to story tell the scenario to the police and ask for all the details (contact, name and address) if needed in future during the claim. This will also help you to have a strong bearing on the outcome on your claim.

Call your insurer;
Report the damage to your car insurance company as soon as possible to help you recover soon from the damage to get back on the track. And let them handle all the flaws.(don’t use let them handle as we want to handle their claim they just need to report it )

Take the appointment from the doctor (visit the doctor);
If the car accident has caused you with serious injury. A medical report can help you during the road traffic accident claim process.

Record all the expenses:
If you even wish to claim all the expenses encountered during the accident, make sure to keep the record of all the expenses in terms of receipts.

Record the accident:
How did the injury happened? What were you doing at the time of injury? Did the accident seemed planned? Were you all alone at that time?

Injuries that have changed your life:
We can help you make it right if you have faced a serious injury. We’ve advised \ supported hundreds of people by providing them the right advice and getting them the compensation they are eligible for.

No Win No Fee

Living Expenditure is rising with advent of time and technology and so are the expenses on legal services which has call upon for many legal policies in UK.
People face accidents and health damages due to negligence and faults of others and at times question arises, what would be the expenses for claim? If I lose, do I have to pay? Would it be a win win situation or just an expense with no result? This argument led to the introduction of No Win No Fee schemes which allowed an individual to claim without fear. It’s safe and the additional cost on losing situation is borne by defendants. With an increase in legal fees and increased expenditure in claim process to follow, people are often reluctant to ask for their rights and do not want to file a claim at all.
However, it’s just about to understand that you have rights to claim compensation if it’s not your fault and get financial or medical compensation you deserve on No Win No Fee basis.

What is NO Win No Fee?

It is an understanding agreement between a solicitor and client which shows that client will only pay when there is a Winning situation and their claim is a success. Here the risk factor falls more on the solicitor than the client who feels secure and safe in any case. This feature compensates the risk ratio in the event of claim and client can seek all sorts of help and discuss their happenings freely with the solicitor. In UK an agreement, CFA is signed that assures advocacy and proof of litigation. In CFA agreement the charges of the solicitor depends upon the outcome and result of the case.

Advantages of No Win No Fee

Victims of accidents or any kind of personal injuries can get significant advantage by filing a claim without the fear of expense or any losses.

  • It is a way to help victims who does not have funds to claim.
  • The solicitor holds all the risk.
  • When your solicitor agrees to support on No Win No Fee basis, this assures a solid.

outcome and thereby it becomes less distressing for the claimant. He/She is confident about the claim process and trusts the solicitor for all the expenses.

How a solicitor gets paid if a ‘no win no fee’ case is successful

If your solicitor is successful in winning the claim process, you are entitled to receive 100% of the awarded compensation, Now, out of that compensation amount received you can pay your solicitor fees and cost as agreed upon which usually is capped at 25%. So it’s in the best interest of the solicitor to fight for the highest amount possible. At Simon Noble Solicitors our panel solicitors will only take a case on if it has more than 50 %chance of winning.
It is important that all essential points of agreements are written down as proof in writing before the trail and the objective is clear at both ends without the risk of losing.
Simon Noble Solicitors can always help you find a best solicitor in UK whom you can trust for the complete process and they can guide you the best with your claim. Our solicitors work on ‘no win, no fee’ basis. We also offer free guide and support services and help the victims with all kinds of injury and accident claims. In UK we have the best expert solicitors aligned with us that helps the claimant make their free will choice.

Bicycle accident claim

Bicycle accident are often caused because cyclists when riding out are often extremely vulnerable and the risk of getting injured are high.If unfortunately you are involved or had faced a road accident and you believe it wasn’t your fault, you have all the rights to claim for bicycle accident compensation.

If you face an accident what immediately you should do?

There are number of things that can increase your chances for filling a successful claim for compensation for bicycle accident injury, you also need to confirm that the injuries are not in worse conditions.

  • If you face an accident, first and foremost move out from the danger immediately. Take hold of yourself and call the ambulance or ask someone to call an ambulance if are injured badly. Meanwhile, ask people around you to help you witness the scenario if they are willing and ready to help you.
  • Recall the accident and record all necessary details related to the bicycle accident involving party’s name, plate details, address, and insurance details.
  • If you have a camera or phone click pictures of the scenario, your injuries your injured bicycle and the area surrounding you.
  • Keep a copy of all the records either police records or medical and ambulance reports. These reports will help you to file a strong case for your compensation for bicycle accident claim.

What you should not do if you face an accident?

There are few thing that you should not do, along with all the dos:

  • Do not panic handle the situation calmly.
  • Do not curse and get angry.
  • Do not admit any false liability.
  • Do not take your bike and ride away.

The following can be entitled to bicycle accident:

Bicycle Injuries:

The injuries that you have encountered during bicycle accident either all physical injuries or broken bones as well as the injuries that are psychological such as depression or any other injury caused by the bicycle accident

Bicycle damage:

If the repairing cost of the bicycle is less than what the bike was worth prior you can claim for the repair costs. In order to claim for compensation gather all the necessary paperwork and written estimate for bicycle accident claim.

Damage to the property:

If there has been any damage to your personal property you are entitled to claim for the damages. Whether it includes damage to your cycle helmet or any other item of clothing other some other attachments of your bike.

Earnings lost:

If your bicycle injury forcing you to stay away from the workplace, claim for the loss you faced.
If you are self-employed, your potential loss and profit can also be taken into consideration.
If your injuries kept you from getting back to work and you are unemployed and looking for work you can still claim for compensation for potential loss of earning.

Costs of travel:

As your bicycle was your only mean of transportation but due to bicycle accident injury you had to take public transportation you can make claim for compensation based on mileage travelled.
To get bicycle accident compensation, you need to have all the documentation and receipts for bicycle compensation. It isn’t easy to get compensation & bicycle accident claim, ask your solicitor to help you in filling and getting bicycle compensation.

Car Accident Claim

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?
If you have been badly wounded or injured in a car accident or have faced a dreadful accident that caused a heavy repair or a car damage due to a road accident. You may be worried about how to find solutions to these repairs and settle the claims you are eligible for. Our team of experts and advisors can help you with your vehicle damage claim or a claim for an injury if it’s not your fault. Get the right compensation for your loss.

Are you eligible for a car accident claim in UK?
If you have been involved in car accident and you have suffered due to other party’s negligence and you are clear that it was not your fault, you may be entitled to file a car compensation claim against that party. Irrespective of this fear that you were driving and you might end up into a lawsuit or trial, the fact remains that you have a right to be compensated for all your damages and medical treatment, lost income and more. Mostly, it’s seen that we don’t know our rights and we don’t know how to retrieve our damages and losses.Such severe accidents or damages may end up with heavy financial burden and shocks for families. Our car claim experts help those who have suffered due to someone else’s negligence. To find out your eligibility to claim the compensation you can call for free advice anytime.

Motorbike Accident Claim

Motorbike Accident Claim with Specialist Solicitors

Currently, in Uk, approximately 21,000 Motorbike accidents occur per year. When you look at the spread of motorcycle accident across UK regions you find that London and the South East are the Motorbike accident hot-spots of the UK.
However, in London, although it has an extremely high proportion of Motorbike accident injury. It has the lowest percentage of fatalities within its accident statistics.
It is also one of the safest places to ride a motorbike on the weekends – showing that a lot of the motorcycle accidents happen whilst individuals are commuting or working in the city.

Motorcycle Accident Claim for Personal Injury:
Often seen in UK, how reckless and rash driving can cause severe damage to life and vehicle both. Many times it can cause severe personal injury or lifelong health hazards and even in some severe cases, accidental deaths occur. Driving dangerously and risking the life of self and others can cause death and life long injuries to pedestrians and other drivers as well.
In most of these cases as witnessed on roads involved drunken drivers, road speeding, reckless driving and immature drivers. Such drivers involve heavy risks of their lives as well as others and strict rules and fines should be regulated to stop such accidental damages.
Get a claim for personal injury is different in a Motorbike accident claim in Uk, and one needs to collect proper evidence in case of casualties or third party at fault. Moreover, an expert solicitor’s advice is the best option to save from heavy losses.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claim: Special Damage

The special damages might include issues related as followings:

Cost of travel:
it cover the cost paid for transport after the accident, or to get medical care as an outpatient.

Cost of medical:
It cover the cost requires for the medical treatment or the medicines cost that one had to bare.
Ongoing care:
it cover the cost if you are unable to manage day to day activity such as cleaning and cooking and require assistance because you have a long term physiotherapy session with the doctor.
Earning lost:
If you have given up work due to your injuries as a result of Motor bike accident and this has caused you to lose income it will be looked upon to be covered.

How to begin a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim?

Firstly, all you have to do is get in contact with us to set up a free session of legal consultancy. We all look for all evidence and facts and figures about the motorcycle accident claim and how it happened. We will look over all the personal injuries you sustained whether it’s short, medium and long-term effects. Typically, we will ask questions such as:

  • How did the motorbike accident happened?
  • When and where did the Motorbike accident in UK take place?
  • Who was involved and injured in the accident?
  • Were these motorbike injuries long term?
  • Were these motorbike injuries long term?
  • Have you suffered any additional hardship as a result of your motorcycle accident?

Once we have collected all the evidence regarding your Motorbike accident and personal injuries we will pursue with the further processing of the compensation claim for the Motorbike attack.

What to do next?

You can call us on 0208 804 3594 or complete our Free Online Enquiry Form at the top of this page and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Clients Testimonials

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Jean Claude-Tufour


I am a passionate and a hardworking young professional who has developed considerable interest in the law industry . Having gained unequivocal interest in the field of law I have employed myself to a dedicated study of the rudiments of the law industry . Aside my interest I appreciate integrity and perseverance as a work ethic compelling me to build a formidable attitude in the scope of loyalty.
September 2008- 2009
Broadcast Link Institute, Kumasi Diploma in Journalism

September 2016- June 2020
University of Ghana, Legon-Accra BA. Education and Social Work

January 2018-December 2018
President of the Ghana Tertiary Volunteers Association.

• Analytical and problem-solving skills

Lee Cassie


I am a hard working and motivated individual. In addition, I am also highly driven to widen my horizon in different prospects of life and always looking for new challenges; taking on hard tasks makes me want to push myself to the best of my ability because I know that I am more than capable in doing so.I am a hard working and motivated individual. In addition, I am also highly driven to widen my horizon in different prospects of life and always looking for new challenges; taking on hard tasks makes me want to push myself to the best of my ability because I know that I am more than capable in doing so.

M Reza Bahrami

Reza completed his law degree at Southampton Solent University and Legal Practice and Master degree Course at the BPP Bristol. He joined the Simon Noble Solicitors in September 2021 as a Caseworker and Trainee. He completed his training in the Conveyancing, Family, Landlord and Tenant, Criminal, Commercial and Civil Litigation Department.

Yousif Naji


Yousif has recently finished his PSC Course at BPP University, Yousif's main speciality is Property law, General Litigation, Employment law and Family law. Yousif has acted for many high net worth clients in the past and has wealth of experience in dealing with complex property matters.

Yousif's hobbies includes, running, playing football, and swimming. Yousif also enjoys cooking many Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.

Elizabeth Ajayi


Tomas Hassan


Pawez Sairally


Etim Ikpedighe


Jasmine Sefa-BoaKye


Jasmine is a solicitor skilled in diverse areas of the law although she specialises in Commercial and Residential Property, Employment, Corporate and Commercial Law. Her approach is to always focus on the client’s instructions and devise bespoke legal ways in achieving them.
She particularly enjoys dealing with all aspects of Property law related matters including residential and commercial Conveyancing, Commercial leases, Lease extensions, Enfranchisement, Equity transfer and more.
She acts for both Employers and Employees in employment dispute from negotiations to Tribunal where necessary. She is experienced in drawing up settlement agreements for employers or independently advising employees on settlement package received from their employers.
She is conversant with supporting businesses at all levels with their various transactions including producing and collating relevant documentations required to facilitate and leverage their business transactions.
Jasmine enjoys interior design and going out with friends.

Sena Frimpong


Sena Frimpong holds a Degree in Law, LLB (hons) and is a member of Lincoln's Inn.

Sena Fis a Barrister at Simon Noble Solicitors. He was called to the Bar in 2009 and now practices in all of the major areas of civil litigation, housing and property law, judicial process.

Sena also provides pro-bono work for low income clients who are in housing need.

Cosmas Offor


Cosmas joined Simon Noble Solicitors as a Paralegal in May 2020 and subsequently started his Training Contract in November 2020. His day-to-day work includes researching different areas of law, preparing documents; responding to clients queries, and meeting with clients in the office.

Before joining the firm, Cosmas had worked for Citizens Advice Bureau offering advice, on a pro-bono basis, with particular emphasis on victims of domestic abuse. He also advised people on benefits, and how to make benefit applications and appeals.

Together with his legal qualifications, Cosmas holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management.

Outside of work, Cosmas enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, creating good memories. Cosmas is a keen traveller, who loves to travel and experience the world and all its different cultures. He likes to play seven aside football to keep fit.

Erdem Duven


Following his graduation from the University of Leicester in July 2018, Erdem began work experience at Simon Noble Solicitors in November 2019. Erdem commenced to a Paralegal role in the company in March 2020 and since May 2021, Erdem has successfully become the Office Manager of our North London Branch in Enfield.

Working closely with Denis Tufour and all the Solicitors in the firm, Erdem’s main areas of expertise are Conveyancing, Civil Litigation, Commercial and Wills and Probate cases. He enjoys the fast-paced nature of these areas of law, in addition to the day-to-day client contact the role brings.

As the Office Manager at Simon Noble Solicitors, Erdem ultimately understands that client communication and satisfaction is crucial. Taking this into consideration, Erdem is always approachable and professional, as he prides himself on being down to earth.

Erdem is the first SQE candidate at Simon Noble Solicitors and is aspiring to become a Solicitor at Simon Noble Solicitors. Away from work, Erdem has a passion for football, gym and swimming.

Mohammed Mazumder


Mr Mazumder has a substantial following of clients covering diverse sectors such as Commercial and Residential conveyancing, Litigation, Immigration & Asylum, including the Judicial Review, Family law, and Health and Safety law.

Mr Mazumder qualified as an Advocate in Bangladesh in 1993 and qualified as a Solicitor in England and Wales 2012. He was admitted as a qualified Solicitor by the Law Society of the Republic of Ireland in 2017. His experience includes working as a solicitor for Diamond Solicitors, E1 Solicitors, AK Solicitors, and as head of the Commercial Property and Immigration Team.

William Brown


Prior to Joining Simon Noble Solicitors in October 2020 as a Consultant, he worked with a firm in London for 12 years. He manages a diverse caseload of transactional and strategic advisory work including freehold and leasehold acquisition and disposal, re-mortgages, bridging loans and secured lending, auction sale and purchase, leasehold enfranchisement, and landlord and tenant work.

William prides himself in collaborating with his clients to achieve their goals by providing pragmatic, efficient and cost-effective solutions to legal issues. Most of his work comes from repeat clients and recommendations.

William takes inspiration from the quote limits, like fears are often just an illusion. He lives in Kent but is able to act for clients anywhere in the UK and abroad.

Shane Ravson


Shane is a solicitor specialising in commercial and corporate work, litigation, property conveyancing, family law, landlord and tenant matters, employment law and provides advocacy representing the clients in the court hearings. He advises on a broad range of matters to domestic and international individuals, worldwide businesses, and private equity investors.

Shane holds numerous qualifications, including a Master of Laws (LLM) in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Law, Graduate Diploma in Law from the University of Law, Master of Science (MSc) in International Finance from the University of Westminster, and two accountancy qualifications.

As part of giving back to the community and charity work, Shane provides pro-bono (free of charge) legal services to low-income families and individuals, and struggling small businesses. In addition, he sponsors annual community fundraising and social charity events and makes regular donations to good causes.

Shane has excellent IT and software skills. He likes playing chess, gym workouts, professional photography, and travelling.

Lucy Osafo


Following completion of a Law degree and LLP course at Cardiff University, Lucy practiced a variety of law within the social welfare and debt fields, following which she developed a specialism in Family Law. Now based in London, Lucy assists clients with all family matters at Simon Noble Solicitors.

Cecilia Monaheng-Tufour


Cecilia is a Solicitor and Partner of Simon Noble Solicitors , Cecilia holds a Master Degree in Legal Practice and practices in areas such as private client, Landlord and Tenant, Property Law, Corporate and Commercial law.

Cecilia also oversees our HR department; she provides strategic and operational HR advice and manages the recruitment and selection process within Simon Noble Solicitors. Cecilia has over 10 years experience in management.