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What Is A Schengen Visa?

A Schengen visa is a visa issued by a country within the European Union (EU) who forms part of the Schengen State. Foreign citizens from a country which is not part of the European Union require a Schengen visa if they intend to travel to a country which is part of the EU or European Free Trade Association (AEFTA). A Schengen visa enables the passport holder entry into countries which form part of the Schengen State who are then able to travel freely throughout the Schengen zone. Internal border controls have disappeared and there are little or no stops and checks within the zone.

Do I need a Schengen visa?

Citizens from the following countries do not usually require a Schengen visa: Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Bosnia & Herzogovina*, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong*, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Macau*, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Sant Kitts and Nevis, Romania, San Marino, Serbia*, Seychelles, Singapore, Taiwan*, Uruguay, USA, Vatican City and Venezuela. *conditions apply

If you are not from one of these countries you will need to contact us in order for you to help you apply for a Schengen Visa. We have a great deal of experience in apply and securing a Schengen visa and currently have a 100% success rate in these applications.

Do I Qualify For A Schengen Visa?

In order to qualify for a Schengen Visa you need to show that you have enough funding for the duration of your trip, a resident in the United Kingdom, have a paid for hotel reservation or if staying with friends or family have an invitation letter from them, a confirmed return ticket and travel insurance. If you are in employment you will require 3 months’ pay slips and 3 months bank statements and a recent letter from your employer. If you are unemployed you will need to show that you have enough maintenance to cover the duration of your trip. If you are married to a British or European Citizen or an immediate family member you will not have to show any financial documents.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Simon Noble Solicitors to assist you with your application you will receive one-to-one case management. One of our Solicitors or UK immigration advisers will manage your application from start to finish. Our Immigration adviser is an EX-Home Office Immigration Officer who has the very best in knowledge and experience, which will be used on your case.

What to do next?

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