I recently went to Venice with family and friends, one of which had a Travel Document issued to him by the Home Office as he was granted asylum.
When you receive a travel document (which is applied for on form TD112) it normally states the country that you are allowed to travel to. EU countries are included in that list and normally you would not need a Schengen Visa to travel to those countries.
So, we booked our tickets to Venice, Italy and went to Gatwick to check in on the day. At check in, my friend was not allowed to travel as recent changes were made to certain countries visa requirements. Luckily, British Airways refunded his tickets and hotel fees and allowed him to book a new holiday to Holland, a country that doesn’t require visas for Travel Document holders.
Below, I have given you guys the list of countries and their requirements so that you have a record for yourselves. For further information on Schengen Visas, travel documents or any other Immigration matters, please contact us.
Country Visa required for visitor with 1951 UN Convention Travel Document

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