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Simon Noble Solicitors are experts in Turkish Business Person applications.This is more commonly known as the “Ankara Agreement”. The Agreement Created An Association Between The Republic of Turkey and the European Economic Community is a treaty, signed in 1963, which provides for the framework for the co-operation between Turkey and the European Union (EU). It has created an opportunity for Turkish Citizens that come to the United Kingdom to establish themselves in business as a self-employed person.

Do I qualify for this application?

In order to qualify for this residence permit, you will need to be a Turkish Citizen, in the United Kingdom legally and show a genuine interest in setting up a business. The Business should be profitable and ideally you should have experience in your chosen field.

What Documents are required?

In order to satisfy the Home Office that you can establish yourself in your proposed business, you will need to provide, a business plan, qualifications or experience, sufficient funds that show you are able to able to start-up the business and letters of reference. Other documents needed will depend on the business you are establishing which we would discuss with you when you attend your first consultation.

How Long is the Visa for?

If successful, you will be granted a Visa for one year. After your first year of trading, we will need to provide your yearly accounts in a further application for an extension. This extended visa will valid for three years. After the three years is complete, you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Simon Noble Solicitors to assist you with your application you will receive one-to-one case management. One of our Solicitors or UK immigration advisers will manage your application from start to finish. Our Immigration adviser is an EX-Home Office Immigration Officer who has the very best in knowledge and experience, which will be used on your case.

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