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Divorce Cost

Uncontested Divorce Proceedings

For Preparation and representation, subject to spouse completing and filing the Acknowledgement of Service at Court within 14 days of receipt.

Includes initial stage of financial provision namely pre – action protocol letter to spouse)

£2,700 – £4,700

Contested Divorce Proceedings

For preparation and representation up to and including the First Court Hearing (Further costs to be advised in accordance with the number of Court hearings and complexity of matter)

£5,700 – £11,700

Disbursements for Divorce


Filing an application for Divorce, Nullity, Civil Partnership of Dissolution

Filing an application for Judicial Separation

Filing an application for a second or subsequent matrimonial or civil partnership with permission granted

Filing an Answer for Contested Divorce

Filing a declaration as to marital status, Parentage, Legitimacy,






Key Stage and Timescales

Uncontested Divorce

Contested Divorce

6 – 12 months

12 – 15 months

Financial Proceedings

For the preparation of a Consent Order or Separation Agreement on basis of terms agreed between the parties£3,700 – £5,700
For the preparation of a Consent Order following financial disclosure and negotiation of settlement terms, without Court proceedings.£4,700 – £7,700
Legal fees for acting for you and representing you at Court up to and including the First Directions Appointment Hearing (FDAH)£4,700 – £7,700
Additional fees after the FDAH and up to and including the Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment Hearing (FDRAH) (The second court hearing)£2,700 – £6,700
Additional fees after the FDRAH for a further FDRAH/directions hearing£2,700 – £6,700
Additional fees thereafter, up to and including the Final Hearing£10,700 – £14,700
Should complexities arise / information comes to light which is not known at the time these estimates are provided, fees may be higher 

Disbursements for financial applications


Application by Consent for a Financial Order

Application for a Financial Order, other than by consent

Application to issue Enforcement proceedings

Amount (no vat payable)




Maintenance Pending Suit (MPS) Applications

Preparation and attendance at hearing

Additional fees if a second court hearing is required

£3,700 – £5,700

£3,700 – £5,700 pl

Disbursements for MPS Applications


Application fee

Representation fees


£255 (no vat payable)

£570 – £1,070 per hearing


Key Stage and Timescale

Financial Proceedings


6 – 12 months

3 – 6 months

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